Thursday, May 17, 2007

The true purpose of blogs?

As anyone reading this post may or may not know, I am a huge Stargate fan. As such, I've been slowly getting into the blogs (thank you, Gateworld, for linking them so I could be lazy!) of those who are involved with Stargate. One of those blogs belongs to Kate Hewlett. For those who don't know, she played the sister of Dr. Rodney Mckay, who happens to be portrayed by David Hewlett, Kate's brother.

All this is pointless drivel meant to provide a bit of backstory and beef this post up a bit. The real point I'm trying to make here, alluded to by the title, is that in reading Kate's blog, I discovered a comment attached to the post stating that the commenter had come to the understanding that "blog" was actually short for "bitch log." (Sorry for the language, everyone. I do try to keep my posts clean.) After re-reading my previous posts here, I think I have to agree. I complain/whine/whatever a lot, and that shows in my posts. I promise I'll eventually post something meaningful :)

So, let the true purpose of blogging begin! :)