Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Long time...

So, I guess it's been ages since I made a blog post. A lot has happened in that time:
  • We released Purple Plugin Pack 2.2.0 without the ignorance or smartear plugins being properly fixed and included. It's not looking particularly promising for 2.3.0 either.
  • We adopted new plugins into the plugin pack:
    • dewysiwygification - An old plugin written by Tim Ringenbach
    • enhancedhist - A plugin written by Andrew Pangborn.
    • timelog - A plugin written by Jon Oberheide.
    • buddytime - A plugin written by Martijn van Oosterhout and Richard Laager.
  • Sean Egan promoted me to Pidgin developer.
  • I rewrote over half of the Pidgin man page to reflect the current features present in Pidgin.
  • I've continued to slack off on the Guifications 3 project.
  • I hatched a plan to remodel the living room in our house without letting my parents know. I'll probably be yelled at endlessly for this one.
I've also been trying to watch more movies. Recently I've watched Dangerous Minds, A Beautiful Mind, and Mentor. All interesting movies in their own right. I also started to watch Tin Man, the new Sci-Fi channel reinvention of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. So far I've only seen the first part, and it is quite a trip. I'll be catching up on it when I have a chance to watch my backlogged DVR stuff this weekend.

At any rate, time to go to work, I suppose. Maybe I'll post something later.