Sunday, May 20, 2007

Idiocy strikes everyone from time to time...

It's just that it strikes some of us a bit more frequently than it does others. Take me, for example. I am a first-class idiot. My idiocy in the case I'm posting about is a direct result of me being a generally nice person in real life. Let's run down my stupidity, shall we?

I agreed to work on a computer for a co-worker. She had just decided, after years of being on dial-up internet service, to switch to a wireless internet service provided by her town. The "tech" finally showed up and installed the equipment. Signal was good and everything. Internet is insanely slow. A couple days and an hour long phone call with me later she brought the computer in for me to look at. I (and here's where the stupidity kicks in) let her use my powerbook while I had her computer.

Over last weekend (May 12-13), I brought the computer home and poked and prodded as much as I could. I could find nothing wrong. Even so, I tweaked a few settings here and there, ran the usual Windows Update crap, etc. I returned the computer on Monday (May 14). My powerbook still hasn't been returned.

Oh, and for laughs, let's explore my other instance of stupidity where this woman is concerned. She bought a Dell back in September. She complained endlessly about the keyboard, so I offered (sometime in October or November) to trade her my Microsoft keyboard for her Dell keyboard, assuming she liked the Microsoft. She wanted to try it first, which seemed a reasonable request. Now, several months later, I have neither keyboard.

I'm beginning to think being nice is a personality flaw...