Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time flies...

It feels like it's been forever since I stepped up on the soapbox to say something. This time it's just a relatively short update.

As is very commonly known, Pidgin was accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code again this year. This year, Google has given us the privilege of mentoring four students. While less than we hoped for (we'd wanted five), we certainly can't complain about the projects we were able to accept.

First up is an MSN project manned by Jorge Villasenor Salinas, who some may recognize as having helped implement custom emoticon support for Pidgin 2.5.0. His project is to rewrite the SLP layer of the MSN plugin, simplify the other parts of the plugin, and overall make the plugin much easier to maintain and extend. I'm sure he'll be trying to squeeze some new features into his project if time allows.

Next up is one of my personal favorite projects for this year. Gilles Bedel will be working on detachable sessions. This is something a number of us have wanted for a long time, but just haven't quite gotten around to making it happen. The idea here is that we can have a daemon (service for the Windows-inclined among us) running in the background and connect to it with Pidgin or Finch at will. I feel that this is perhaps the most ambitious project this year, but the benefits it could reap are worth it.

Adam Fowler is going to rewrite the log viewer in Pidgin. This particular project will likely be the only project that visibly changes Pidgin this year. We've received a lot of complaints and suggestions over the years focusing on our log viewer. We know it's deficient in a lot of ways, and that's what Adam's project aims to resolve. I'm confident we'll get a lot of positive feedback about this project once it's complete.

And last, but not least, is Ivan Komarov's ICQ project. Ivan's aim is to beat our ICQ implementation into shape. As most of our non-US ICQ users can confirm, our interaction with the service could use some improvements. While Ivan has proposed a nice wide range of things to fix, even just a few of them being completed would make a huge difference for our international users.

So, from all of us developers, and we hope from our users too, good luck to our students!