Saturday, May 2, 2009

Linux Journal Readers' Choice Award

Yesterday, Linux Journal issued a press release announcing the winners of its annual Readers' Choice Awards. It's an annual event that attracts a lot of attention in the magazine. In their effors to "take the pulse of the Linux community," they run this poll and announce the winners and grant honorable mentions to "strong contenders" in the pool of runners-up.

This year, it's been announced that Pidgin has won a Readers' Choice award for Favorite Communications Tool, a category that we're no stranger to winning--we won this same category last year as well. The landscape is similar as well. This year, we won with 42% of the votes, beating out honorable mention Skype, which received 18% of the votes. Last year, we also garnered 42% of the votes, with Skype and Kopete earning honorable mentions at 17.8% and 12.8% respectively.

Winning this award for the second year in a row reminds us that our work is quite well appreciated, something that is often easy to forget. It also reminds us that every once in a while we need to stand back and thank everyone involved in making Pidgin such a popular project. In this case, we need to thank the 2,000+ people who voted for Pidgin in these Readers' Choice Awards, as well as all our developers, Crazy Patch Writers, drive-by contributors who spot a simple bug and fix it, and our users. All of these people in our community come together to make Pidgin a success as a project, and while we'd be just as happy to work on Pidgin if we had only a few hundred users, we certainly appreciate all of the contributions to our success. Thanks!